The Office of the Attorney General continues with the fight against corruption so that, those who have used poor people´s budget for their personal benefit will have to appear before justice.

Due to the above and in order to give continuity to the commitments agreed in the Anti-Corruption event held in San Andres on October 13/ 2017, the Office of the Attorney General presents a review of the most impressive corruption cases in the island.

  1. Contracts of Former Governors

The former governors Aury Socorro Guerrero and Ronald Housni formed an alliance with contractors Fernando León Diez and with public servants by that time Cesar Augusto James Bryan, former Secretary of the Governor´s Office in order to award them the contract of San Andrés y Providencia.  In exchange, former governors received 10 percent of each of the contracts awarded and additionally, an economic remuneration for previous processes.

  • Aury Socorro Guerrero

Guilty plea

  • Former governor pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal conspiracy charges, execution of contract failing to comply with legal requirements and active bribery in 9 contracts. She was sentenced to 14 years in prison.