The Attorney General’s Office obtained a 120-month prison sentence (10 years) against the former Incoder´s National Assistant Manager (Instituto Colombiano de Desarrollo Rural in Spanish), José Ignacio Lacouture Armenta, for the “disappearance” of swamp Amanzaguapos, Dividivi and Caño Viloria, in San Marcos (Sucre).

Other four former officials of the extinct company were also sentenced: Juan Heredia Fernández and Alfredo Eugenio Sánchez Jiménez, belonging to the management office on lands; the lawyer Julio Alberto Acosta Felizola, and topographer José Rodolfo Castro Arias. 

After approving the request made by a prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Corruption, the 9th Criminal Court of the Circuit of Bogotá sentenced  the defendants for the crimes of misappropriation and embezzlement in favor of third parties.

In the course of the investigation, it was demonstrated that Lacouture Armenta gave a statement indicating the non-existence of the Amanzaguapos, Dividivi and Caño Viloria swamp through decision 2437 of 2010 in  order to favor private  individuals and prevent the communal use of the land and the mirrors of water.