Alias ​​Dalip or Farruco, the main ringleader of ELN front named Alfredo Gómez Quiñónez was arrested as a result of an infiltration operation carried out by CTI members of the Office of the Attorney General and National Army in the south area of Bolívar.

One of the main ELN criminal pieces in the search of illegal resources in Magdalena Medio and the southern area of Bolívar will be sent to prison. At the request of the Attorney General’s Office, a supervisory judge in Barranquilla issued a detention measure for Dalip Durán Martínez, alias Dalip or Farruco, the alleged leader of front named Alfredo Gómez Quiñónez.

In a hearing, a prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations charged ‘Dalip’ with aggravated rebellion, aggravated criminal conspiracy to commit extortion, attempted homicide (aggravated), and use of illegal means and methods of war.


This ELN leader would be in charge of about 30 armed men. He allegedly asked businessmen and those responsible for illegal mines, a set amount of money in order to allow them to take their products out of the region and confront other illegal structures who try to take control of the deposits.