An average of 260 million pesos derived from illegal activities was transported Each week

At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the 73th Guarantee Court (Juzgado de Garantias) in Bogotá sent nine people to prison. They were allegedly engaged in the transportation of money of illicit origin. Money which was converted from dollars to pesos in a money exchange office in the main city of the country.

People charged were: Daniel Ricardo Peña Jara and Edison  Oswaldo Camargo Torres, leaders of the illegal organization; Ana María Vergara Casadiego; Cristian Camilo Moreno Mondragón; Oscar Leonardo Vargas Parra; Javier Andrés Artunduaga Rojas; Cristian Fabián Salazar Cachaya; Lesly Aguirre Pascuas and María Antonia Salazar Trujillo.