The arrests were carried out in Pasto (Nariño), Sibaté and Villeta (Cundinamarca).

At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, a supervisory judge issued  a prison sentence for seven ( 7) of the ten (10) alleged members of a criminal organization involved in the sale and transportation of drugs in the municipalities of Soacha and Sibaté (Cundinamarca).

The other three people remain under house arrest after presenting medical certificates which indicate that they have respiratory problems and that they are head of the household.

The Prosecutor´s Office in Cundinamarca identified the defendants through images obtained from strategic places and the work of undercover agents who infiltrated the organization to establish the role of each of its members.

In a hearing1, the Office of the Attorney General charged the defendants with criminal conspiracy and drug trafficking, manufacturing, or possession of drugs:

1.   Yuber Alonso González Párraga, alias Yuber

2.   Andrés Camilo Flórez Pinto, alias Pinto

3.   Steven David Ubaque Cifuentes, alias Ubaque

4.   William Vargas Guerrero, alias Millos

5.   José Alfredo Miranda Salamanca, alias Chepe

6.   Pedro José Jaimes Contreras, alias Chulo

7.   María Camila Luengas Correa, alias Mona

8.   Sergio Andrés Parra Núñez, alias Diablito

9.   Óscar Alberto Caballero Gil, alias Antanas

10. Daniel Eduardo Hernández Martínez


The prosecutor, appointed to the support unit (Unidad de Estructura de Apoyo EDA) and who is in charge of the process revealed that these people, apparently, focused on the sale of drugs near schools and that their organization expanded in recent months. The student´s parents denounced them.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of  general interest.

1.  Several  kinds  of  hearings  held  in  one  hearing