The Office of the Attorney General seized properties valued at $110 billion. Several recognized supermarkets located in Urabá (Antioquia) are part of the assets which were allegedly used by men working for Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias Otoniel to have provisions and launder money. 

The Office of the Attorney General, in coordination with the National Police, gave a hard blow to Clan del Golfo due to its determination to affect finances of criminal groups and incomes of organizations engaged in drug trafficking activities. As a result, 77 properties including personal and real property, whose commercial value reaches $110 billion were seized*.

These properties are located in municipalities of Arboletes, Carepa, Chigorodó, Turbo, San Pedro de Urabá, Apartadó and Acandí (Chocó).

These properties were located thanks to a coordinated action between the special Directorates on Assets Seizure and against Organized Crime belonging to the Attorney General’s Office. 

As a result of these operations, 12 people were arrested and their eventual relationship with Clan del Golfo is under investigation. Their prosecution was carried out in the city of Medellín. In addition, $119 million in cash were found in a safe. Now, money´s origin is being investigated.

*Assets Seizure: Extinción de Dominio in Spanish means “Loss of ownership of property derived from or used in criminal activity which will be seized by the government”.   1