The Office of the Attorney General and the National Police with the support of the Colombian Air Force seized 20 assets and put an end to the commercial activity that favored criminal actions of the ELN, such as the attack committed against the National Police academy (Escuela de Policía General Santander)

Thanks to investigations carried out by accounting experts of the Office of the  Attorney General and the evidence collected by investigators of the National Police through Dijin – Interpol, it was possible to reveal two financial pieces of the ELN front  (Frente de Guerra Oriental del ELN) that provided urban militias and different illegal structures in Arauca and near Venezuela with resources, weapons, explosives, official garments and drugs.

Analysts identified an unjustified increase in equity, occasional profits, purchases and transfers of real estate at a lower price than the price in commercial values, among other commercial maneuvers that were never reported and showed the illegal capital flow.

These financial operations would be led by Álvaro José Mateus Vargas, aka Quesero, owner of a company of dairy products under the corporate name of  Arauqueño S.A.S. with its respective transportation network between Arauca and Bogotá and also by  a man known as ‘Nacho Leder’ who would be one of the main frontmen of the ELN front denominated Domingo Laín.