Office of the Attorney General charged the four retired officers with murder of a protected person.

A magistrate judge in Bogotá accepted the arguments presented by the Office of the Attorney General and issued a detention order with imprisonment against four retired officers who participated in the crime committed against former FARC member Dimar Torres Arévalo which took place on April 22, 2019 in rural settlement named Carrizal, Convención (Norte of Santander).

Decision affects retired Colonel Jorge Armando Pérez Amézquita and soldiers Yorman Alexander Buriticá Duarte, Cristian David Casilimas Pulido and William Andrés Alarcón Castrillón.

During hearings (audiencias concentradas)* the prosecutor hearing the case argued that the death of the former member of the demobilized Farc could be considered as an extrajudicial execution on the understanding that the victim was defenseless, unarmed and was no combating.

* Several kinds of hearings held in one hearing