At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the 46th Municipal Court issued a preventive measure with imprisonment against Wilman Muñoz Prieto and Patricia Gamboa Rodríguez for aggravated misappropriation, ideological representation and aggravated criminal conspiracy.

This investigation originates from the submission of copies made by National Director of Special Investigations of the Office of the Inspector General (Procuraduría General de la Nación) by which alleged irregularities committed in the institute (Instituto de Extensión y Educación para el Trabajo (Idexud)) of  Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas were reported. The defendant, Wilman Muñoz Prieto, was the director since 2012 to January 2019 until the president of the University noticed that management of the Institute´s resources was inappropriate.

Muñoz Prieto was the paymaster of the institute where contracts and agreements were executed with different national and international institutions. The profits from these agreements were divided; 60% for the University and 40% for Idexud.