The Office of the Attorney General investigates candidates for the Mayor´s Office in the Municipality El Rosario (Nariño), Lauro Nel Arturo Guerrero and Alberto Folleco Eraso as well as the mayor of the municipality El Paso (Cesar), Hidalfo De La Cruz Ortiz and his wife Neyruth Diurbis Murgas.

As part of the strategy named “Plan Ágora” which aims at guarantying and promoting  transparency and security for territorial elections, in which the Office of the Attorney General takes part, has allowed the fight against different forms of electoral corruption, such as:

  • Electoral transhumance
  • contract awarding
  • Layoffs
  • Delivery of construction materials in exchange for votes
  • Dissociation from social programs and
  • Vote buying

In all cases, prosecutors and investigators discovered complex networks of corruption that were created with the purpose of affecting the transparency of the democratic process.