The pre-trial hearing began last September 13th but will continue next November 22nd since the defendant allegedly hired a corporation that was not the appropriate institution to be in charge of decorating and performing Christmas activities for the city.

Before the 5th Circuit Court hearing the case in Ibagué (Tolima), the Office of the Attorney General, through a sectional prosecutor´s office assigned to the Unit of Public Administration, showed alleged evidences at trial against mayor of the city of Ibagué, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo Martínez, due to execution of contracts without compliance with legal requirements in the capacity of perpetrator and with intent.   As paymaster in year 2016, he allegedly signed a contract with a corporation to decorate and perform Christmas activities for the city but it was not a competent corporation to do it.16

The Office of the Attorney General has about 3000 pages including reports and attachments provided by investigators of the case as well as 19 witnesses (three of them investigators).