The Office of the Attorney General arrested 12 people including officers and doctors who certified false psychiatric and physical illnesses to grant members of the National Police retirement pensions.

In the course of first stage of the so-called ‘Evadidos’ operation, the Office of the Attorney General discovered a criminal network that obtained economic resources through illegal manouvres from the so-called fund Caja de Sueldos de Retiro de la Policía Nacional (Casur) which allowed policemen to be declared as not suitable for service despite the fact that they fulfilled the conditions to perform their duties.

In Cartagena (Bolívar), judicial police officers of the Office of the Attorney General with cooperation of Dijin-National Police arrested 12 alleged members of the organization that carried out proceedings with Casur and obtained disability reports and fake medical certificates which allowed police officers to obtain levels of physical disability exceeding 75% and achieve retirement and receive pension recognition for disability.