Thanks to the evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General, a judge hearing the case sentenced Nelson Parra Suárez, who served as mayor in El Carmen de Chucurí (Santander) from 2011 to 2015, to 51 months in prison and ordered him to pay $31 million for embezzlement by appropriation, execution of a contract without compliance with legal requirements and ideological falsehood in a public document.

This decision is related to the irregularities presented in tender 002 of 2011 which ended in the execution of contract 154 of 2011 that had as its objective to supply wheels, tires and protectors for maintenance of heavy machinery in the municipality, as well as the maintenance and restoring of the road at a cost of $ 165’984,000.

The prosecuting authority demonstrated that the items that were the object of the contract were not delivered to the municipality and that there was an appropriation of public resources that amounted to $ 72,000,000.