‘Bolsillos de Cristal’ – ‘QUIRÓFANO’ Operation

Four people were arrested for alleged corruption in the health system which permeated regulatory bodies in order to favor private individuals

One of the topics that have been prioritized by the Office of the Attorney General is  to guarantee the integrity of the Colombian’s health system and to ensure the proper management of the resources allocated towards this purpose. The special group on health matters (Grupo de Trabajo Especial de Salud)  established the existence of an alleged criminal network, of at least four people, who agreed to manipulate the health system by taking advantage of their high positions occupied in entities that were in charge of monitoring that sector.

Investigations carried out by the prosecuting authority allowed to determine, through documentary evidence and more than 500 audios, that in 2016 the then delegate superintendent for supervising the so-called institution Supersalud, Eva Katherine Carrascal Cantillo, made use of her position to favor some health care promoting entities (Entidades Promotoras de Salud – EPS) and family allowance funds (cajas de compensación), in exchange for monthly bribes (checks and money in cash) and that she even obtained a shareholding in a health care promoting entity (EPS).