Office of the Attorney General in the fight against money laundering

The Office of the Attorney General with the support of National Army arrested Eudes Javier Nieto Clavijo in Bucaramanga (Santander) since he allegedly lent his bank accounts out to receive money transferred from Spain, China, the United States and Hong Kong. This would correspond to payments for cocaine shipments.

The monitoring of a criminal organization involved in the shipment of drugs to the Caribbean islands using Go Fast speedboats, allowed the Office of the Attorney General to detect a money laundering system through the SWIFT interbank system, used by more than 11,000 financial institutions around the world.

The Office specialized in the fight against Drug Trafficking (Dirección Especializada contra el Narcotráfico) carried out a meticulous verification of national current and savings accounts in order to determine that they exist, to verify the amount of money in each account and the relationship between the account holders and people who were arrested and extradited for drug trafficking offenses.