Before the 27 Penal Circuit Judge in Bogotá, acting as presiding functions, the 51 Prosecutor’s office in the National Unit of  Human Rights and IHL pronounced certification of copies in order to investigate witnesses of the defendant, army sub-lieutenant Raúl Muñoz Linares, alleged responsible of double rape and triple aggravated homicide during the facts occurred in Tame (Arauca), in October 2010.

In accordance with prosecutor in charge of the case, the alleged demobilized from Farc, Yazuresqui Narido Vega, Frey Alexis Caballero Rodriguez and Elayner Payares Martínez, lied to Arauca Regional Prosecutor’s Office, B2 Team from the 18 National Army Brigade and 27 Judge.

First of all, among many weaknesses, there is the impossibility that the three ex-guerrilla members had to prove their demobilized status by means of an official identification issued by the Operative Committee to Surrender Arms (Comité Operativo para la Dejación de las Armas, Coda.). He assured.

It is strange how the alleged ex guerrilla members forgot the names of their comrades. At the same time, he reminded how Farc authorized visits to their relatives, according to what the alleged demobilized pointed out in interviews carried out by agents, he added.

“Witnesses gave confused and vague information. In a few questions they answered that several guerrilla men killed children, but at the moment to give names, they mixed up themselves and it never knew in fact who were the responsible”, the prosecutor in charge of the case said.

In conclusion, the delegated of the investigation body requested to the judge a maximum conviction of 60 years against Sub-lieutenant Muñoz Linares for the offences which he was processed.

“Without the need to string together, Colombia Attorney General Office considers that in this trial it was proved enough that Muñoz Linares rape two girls, but if he was innocent what was the need to make appear witnesses apparently false before a trial”, the prosecutor in charge of the case concluded.