Both men were found guilty of the death of Ana María Castro Romero that occurred on March 5, 2020.

A judge accepted the request made by a prosecutor and delivered a guilty verdict against Julián Ortegón and Paul Naranjo for the death of  Ana María Castro. Both will be responsible for the crime of aggravated femicide as co-authors.

According to the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was established that on the night of March 4, 2020, the young woman Ana María Castro Romero, was with Paul Naranjo Calvo and Julián Ortegón in a commercial establishment in the north area of Bogotá.

According to evidence, testimonies and forensic analysis, in the morning of March 5, the young woman left that place in the company of both men and another young man. Ana María Castro got into the rear seat of the truck with her friend, while Naranjo and Ortegón were in the front area of the vehicle.

The evidence also indicates that on the so-called Calle 80, Paul Naranjo got the victim’s companion out of the car, and some meters ahead in complicity with Julián Ortegón, they threw the young woman from the moving truck who suffered several traumatic blows.

A witness, who called the 123 emergency line, said that he saw how the young woman was violently thrown from the moving car and fell abruptly to the ground.

That morning, the victim was taken to a Hospital in Engativá and later, to the Hospital Simón Bolívar where she died due to the multiple trauma that she suffered.

When we speak, results follow.