The Attorney General highlighted the results of the clarification routes -Rutas de Esclarecimiento Itinerantes – and the fairs to promote services of the social program Programa Social de Prevención del Delito Futuro Colombia to facilitate access to justice and promote investigations on crimes that affect women, children and teenagers.

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, chaired the Fourth International Congress of Good Practices – Cuarto Congreso Internacional de Buenas Prácticas para el Abordaje de las Violencias Basadas en Género- for the instiution’s public servants on November 18 and 19 in a mixed modality (virtual and in person).

This event, organized within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25) and Remembrance for Transgender Victims (November 20), aims to learn about the experiences in order to counteract gender violence against women and trans women, socialize the guidelines and identify the institutional strengthening actions developed to prevent, investigate and punish this type of conduct.

In this sense, the Attorney General highlighted the work that the entity has been carrying out against crimes such as femicide, domestic violence and sexual crimes, which were prioritized in the Strategic Direction 2020-2024. Among the main actions that were carried out, he recalled the creation of a National Working Group on Gender Violence for the attention of crimes that affect women, children and adolescents and the issuance of Directive 001 of 2021, which establishes guidelines for the investigation of domestic violence cases.

Likewise, he highlighted the results of the Itinerant Routes of Clarification and the fairs to promote services of the social program Programa Social de Prevención del Delito Futuro Colombia to facilitate access to justice and promote investigations, generating trust in the institutions. “Without trust, there is no denunciations, there is no possibility to have access to justice”, said the Attorney General, considering that this is the way to get closer to the public and to continue obtaining results on these issues.

The Attorney General Barbosa Delgado revealed that these strategies have made it possible to obtain an advance in clarification of 97% in the crime of femicide, since at the beginning of the administration it was 85%; clarification of domestic violence went from 10.53% to 23%, and strategies have made it possible to double this advance in sexual crimes from 10.57% to 20.53% during 2021.

“We have made significant progress on these routes; for example, in the Caribbean zone the clarification rate was 6% in sexual crimes and today we reached 30%”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, he announced the pilot strategy to strengthen the investigation of domestic violence, taking into account the risk of femicide, that was launched in Bogotá, Soacha, Cali, and Cartagena; as well as in rural areas, in the departments of Putumayo, Amazonas, Guaviare, Guainía, Vaupés, and Vichada.

He also stated that the strengthening of the approach of gender identity for the investigations of crimes against the LGTB population through the implementation of the guide of good practices for investigations and prosecution of cases of violence due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Finally, the Attorney General encouraged public servants to take advantage of this space for reflection and exchange in order to focus their attention on the tools that will be presented in the congress to improve investigation methodologies and to continue guaranteeing victims’ rights to have access to justice. “Our role is to continue getting closer to the community, to continue protecting the victims, to continue including historically violated population”, he concluded.