The Office of the Attorney General has achieved important results within the framework of the Justice and Peace Law, with the recovery and handing over of human remains of victims of the armed conflict to guarantee their families the right to truth, justice and reparation.

In that sense, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, revealed that “Since February 2020, the institution through the group for search and identification of disappeared people –Grupo de Búsqueda, Identificación y Entrega de Personas Desaparecidas – Grube of the Directorate on Transitional Justice, has recovered 571 corpses of victims of the armed conflict and has handed over 325 to their families

On the other hand, Grube has carried out 19 events to assist victims in 14 departments such as Antioquia, Arauca, Córdoba, Chocó, Caquetá, Magdalena, Meta, Sucre and Putumayo, in which 2,736 people were assisted. During these days, 952 interviews were conducted and 1,132 genetic samples were taken to identify the victims.

General Balance

From 2006 to date, the Directorate on Transitional Justice has exhumed 10,437 corpses and 7,813 of them were recovered from open fields and 2,624  from ‘Plan Cementerios’. Likewise, 5.496 victims of the Colombian armed conflict were handed to their families and 88 symbolic ceremonies were carried out.

Finally, the institution has carried out 291 events to provide assistance to victims and  48,256 people in 29 departments have participated. In total, 40,414 biological samples have been taken.

“These results demonstrate to the international community to the victims, to the country, the determination of the Office of the Attorney General to search disappeared people”, concluded the Attorney General who pointed out that the task of the institution will go on within the framework of its constitutional and legal powers to find the victims of forced disappearance caused by the armed conflict in the country.

When we speak, results follow.