The Sectional Office in Cundinamarca with the support of Sijín Judicial Police, obtained detention measures against five people and a measure against a minor who was sent to a juvenile detention center, allegedly belonging to the Los Pepones criminal group, involved in drug trafficking offenses in Facatativá, (Cundinamarca).

The defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and aggravated trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotics.

The investigators documented several cases of distribution of narcotics such as cocaine base and marijuana under the express delivery modality, facts which occurred between 2020 and 2021.

The arrested people who did not plead guilty to the charges were Edison Villadiego Causil alias Villa or Patrón, Francy Viviana Hernández Hernández alias Vivi, Jhon Jairo Bolívar Rodríguez alias Bolívar, Ruth Nayibe Camargo Cañón, Miguel Ángel Barbosa Hernández alias Migue.

When we speak, results follow.