The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, and the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Asís, held a meeting in which they set up the inter-institutional Information team within the framework of social protest with the purpose of providing timely and transparent information about the murders and alleged disappearances that took place during the riots.

The Office of the Attorney General’s competence regarding cases of disappeared people is to activate the urgent search mechanisms in order to immediately locate people reported by the different institutions.

In this sense, the Office of the Attorney General, selected an outstanding team of prosecutors and judicial police of CTI, the Dijín and Sijín, National Police, which will be coordinated by a prosecutor appointed to the National Directorate of the Technical Investigative Corps, aimed at collecting evidence to clarify the reported facts.

Likewise, there will be a delegate officer of the National Institute of Legal Medicine; the institution that will be in charge of ensuring that people reported as missing remain in the national registry. In addition, it will support the location of people through the identification of corpses.

During the meeting, the Ombudsman’s Office reported 24 murders, carried out during the days of riots. 11 of them were established by the Office of the Attorney General, within the framework of its powers, as violent deaths that occurred within the protests, 7 are in the process of verification and 6 more are not related to the protests, which are proved with the different judicial police reports.

As stated by Prosecutor Barbosa, 3 of the 11 murders will be charged to members of the National Police.

Likewise, in relation to the disappearances, the Ombudsman’s Office, through its internal complaint mechanisms, presented 89 cases. However, after processing the information, the Prosecutor’s Office with its teams and Ombudsman’s Office personnel managed to locate 38 people.

“The Ombudsman’s Office has collected information, complaints, and reports from all citizens through the assistance channels in the 42 regional offices throughout the country. Concerning the reports on alleged disappearances and murders in the framework of social protest, it has been activated a search mechanism that consists in going to Legal Medicine, to the Immediate Reaction Units, Police stations, protection centers, as well as hospitals and medical centers”, said the Ombudsman Carlos Camargo.

“We continue working as a single institution, advancing to preserve the rule of law in Colombia and of course, protecting human rights and all citizens’ rights”, concluded the Attorney General Francisco Barbosa.

When we speak, results follow.