Today, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado visited the city of Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca) where he met with the sectional directors of Cali and Valle del Cauca to plan the new joint strategies between the two Sectional Offices to fight crime in a cross and coordinated way and to evaluate the results of the last 2 months of clarification of the main crimes that affect the region. 

He also met with the commanders of the Police, Army and Navy to monitor the strategy that he, together with the Deputy Attorney General and the Delegate Director on Public Safety drew up for these first weeks of the year which has yielded results in the fight against the crime that today announced in the city of Buenaventura. 

The Office of the Attorney General continues impacting the criminal gang called La Local in the fight against criminal organizations and crimes that affect public safety in Buenaventura. 

Thus, so far in 2021, the Office of the Attorney General has achieved 42 arrests of alleged members of La Local thanks to 30 search warrants and 5 operations in the so-called ‘comunas’ 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 due to territorial control disputes. 

Likewise, the operations against this structure allowed the seizure of 332 kilograms of cocaine and a large quantity of weapons and ammunition (pistols, revolvers, rifles, fragmentation grenades, grenade launchers, shotguns and submachine guns). 

Among the people arrested, there are several alleged leaders of this organization, such as alias Osama, alias Monirri, alias Chinga, alias Himpo and alias El Viejo. 

Since December 2020, it is believed that ‘La Local’ would have perpetrated 9 murders and one attempted murder, whose victims would be some of the same members of the subgroups of this structure due to territorial control disputes. 

On December 16, 2020, Fidel Olaya Grueso was victim of an attempted murder. 

The fatal victims of that internal dispute were identified as: 


  • Luis Andrés Riascos, alias Luchito, December 22, 2020. 
  • Yeferson Fajardo Riascos, alias Ñema, December 30, 2020. 
  • Alfonso Rentería Torres, alias Cayito, December 30, 2020.  
  • Dennis Mauricio Sánchez Ortiz, alias C Pequeño, December 30, 2020. 
  • Johan Andrés Riascos Aguiño, alias Cholo, December 30, 2020. 
  • Donal Rentería Riascos, alias Solito, December 30, 2020. 
  • Erwin Hernando Sandoval Hernández, December 30, 2020. 
  • Edwin Stiven Chalares Grueso, January 1, 2021. 
  • Jonathan David Lara, January 4, 2021. 


    The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest. 

    The information contained in this press release corresponds to the narration of the objective news provided by the officials in charge of carrying out the criminal investigations within the Office of the Attorney General. By the time this communication is disclosed, the legal status of the people mentioned is still pending to be resolved by the competent judicial authority, always under the presumption of innocence contemplated by Article 29 of the Political Constitution and Article 7 of Law 906 of 2004.