With an investment that exceeds COP 2,000 million, the offices of the Sectional Office in Bolivar were restored.

The Attorney General and his staff developed a joint strategy with the Navy to combat crime and organized crime in the Atlantic Coast.

As part of the institutional policy ‘En la Calle y en los Territorios’ (Near people and territories), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, arrived in Cartagena and together with his team held a meeting with the staff of the Sectional Office in Bolívar to design an early intervention model and fight against criminality, especially against theft, domestic violence and drug trafficking.

“We are here today with our Deputy Attorney General, the sectional director, our national delegates (Public Safety, Organized Crime and Criminal Finances) in order to establish the strategies to fight crime in this Department, specifically, in the south part of Bolívar”, stated the Attorney General Barbosa.

During the visit, the Attorney General announced the delivery of two complete wings of the bunker in Cartagena. With an investment that exceeds COP 2,000 million, the headquarters in Bolivar was restored (​​3,450 m²). Now it has larger and well-lit spaces, with air conditioning and new equipment.

“I wanted to tell citizens that our Sectional Office in Bolívar has new offices. I think it is important that citizens know that in a place like this, the Office of the Attorney General can assist citizens with their complaints, but it is also a message to our personnel who have courageously been able to work in the midst of these difficulties”, said the Attorney General.

The Attorney General Barbosa stated that to adequately investigate and meet citizens’ needs such as access to justice, he will continue going throughout the country to improve the institution´s facilities.

Joining efforts

In his visit to Cartagena, the Attorney General highlighted the important results obtained after joining capacities of the investigative groups in the main headquarters and the different sectional Offices. Also, public forces have been decisive to disrupt criminality in different fronts.

“Today, we held a meeting with the Navy and we determined an strategic path in the Atlantic, as we have done in the Pacific in Bahía Málaga, where we struck our most crushing blow against crime in Buenaventura and in part of the Pacific of Chocó, and Valle, Cauca and Nariño”, concluded the Attorney General.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.