The supplies collected will be delivered to those most in need in San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, who lost everything in the natural catastrophe. 

Since last November 16th, the Office of the Attorney General launched a campaign among its public servants in all sectional Offices of the country and managed to collect 20 tons of supplies to help victims. Among the supplies there is non-perishable food, water, personal hygiene products, food for pets, medicines, blankets, mats, among others. 

The supplies were enlisted in compliance with the guidelines defined by the Unit for Risk Management (Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de UNGRD), and were taken to San Andrés today by a commission of the  institution who audited the collected items and handed them over to officials of the UNGRD to be distributed among people who need them. 

This activity is a sign of the great generosity and solidarity of Office of the Attorney General´s personnel who quickly and effectively helped to collect items to benefit hundreds of people affected by the Hurricane Iota. 

The first aid was allocated to members of the institution working in the archipelago and the islands who will also receive assistance to rebuild their homes. Thanks to the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, the prosecutor who was trapped with her two companion animals, was rescued and transferred to San Andrés on a humanitarian flight. All three are now in the island.  

The commission that traveled to San Andrés and Providencia also assessed the conditions of the headquarters and supervised the handling of the 1,200 digital files that contain valuable information about criminal proceedings in the region.