The judicial and investigative actions carried out by the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Comptroller General, and the Office of the Inspector General yield positive results about the protection of resources allocated for the assistance to Colombian citizens affected by the Covid-19.

In the last 15 days, the Office of the Attorney General verified 180 new contracts which are now added to the more than 3,000 that have been reviewed in the framework of the articulated plan called ‘Transparency for the emergency’ (Transparecia por la Emergencia). During the two weeks, 177 inquiries on acts of corruption detected in the 32 Departments of the country were opened.

Thanks to the evidence collected by the judicial police groups and the group of prosecutors, accusation hearings will be requested against four Mayors for multiple crimes, including undue interest in the execution of contracts, execution of contracts without compliance with the legal requirements and different types of misappropriation.

Measures to ensure the defendants’ appearance at trial will be requested according to their degree of participation in the actions attributed to them and in accordance with the guidelines of Directive 0001 of 2020. The Mayors are:

    1. Necoclí (Antioquia), Jorge Augusto Tobón Castro.
    2. Barbosa (Antioquia), Édgar Augusto Gallego Arias.
    3. San José de Miranda (Santander), Donaldo Ortiz Cárdenas.
    4. El Charco (Nariño), Víctor Candelo Reina.

Likewise, a Delegate Prosecutor before the Supreme Court of Justice will charge and request detention measure against the suspended governor of Chocó, Ariel Palacios Calderón, as the alleged responsible for the crimes of execution of contract without compliance with the legal requirements, undue interest in the execution of contracts, attempted misappropriation and money laundering.