This is the fourth result obtained in the course of the last week regarding the clarification of acts affecting human rights defenders.  

The Office of the Attorney General charged Johan Celmira Aunca, alias la Gorda,  with  aggravated murder, and aggravated possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition. Person who pled guilty to the charges. A prison sentence was issued against the woman. 

The investigation carried out by the Special Itinerant Group of the Office of the Attorney General revealed that this person, identified as an alleged member of the Group (Gdco)* La R, allegedly participated in the murder of Octavio Alejandro Roldán De la Cruz, (48 years old) defense lawyer, human rights defender and International Humanitarian Law defender attached to the Office of the Ombudsman in Cali. 

The facts attributed to Aunca, who was arrested on November 19th in Valle del Cauca, took place on June 20, 2019 in neighborhood Santa Bárbara, in the municipality of Palmira (Valle del Cauca) where the victim was shot. 

These results are part of the strategy to investigate and prosecute crimes committed against human rights defenders and social leaders, developed in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado in the Strategic Direction 2020-2024. 

With the prosecution of alias la Gorda, the Office of the Attorney General achieved conclusive actions in the course of the last week concerning the clarification of these  type of actions affecting leaders. It should be remembered that the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the environmental leader Alejandro Llinás and of the human rights defender Jorge Luis Solano Vega were also brought before justice. In addition, the investigations led to the location of alias Caín, ringleader of the organized armed group (GAO) Los Caparros, one of the main perpetrators of four crimes committed against human rights defenders in the Department of Antioquia. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest. 

*GDCO: Grupos de Delincuencia Común Organizada. Groups involved in the commission of minor crimes