Members of the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police seized four rural properties in Guasca (Cundinamarca) where a cocaine processing laboratory was found. Three people who allegedly worked in the laboratory were arrested.

The Office of the Attorney General, through the Special Office on Assets Seizure seized four (4) rural properties and two (2) vehicles belonging to the corporate entity named Las Colinas de Guasca Ltda., a company of which is part the former Ambassador of Colombia to Uruguay Fernando Sanclemente as well as members of his family and of which he was his legal representative until February 6, 2019.

The seized properties have a commercial value of $150,000,000,000 and were placed under the authority of the economic society Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE).

The assets seizure process arose in response to attested copies of the case due to the discovery of a laboratory to process cocaine inside this farm.

This finding took place on February 12, 2020, in a joint operation between a prosecutor of the Special Office against Drug Trafficking, the Police and with the support of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in which the building was raided. As a result, a cocaine manufacturing plant was found. During the proceeding, seven (7) tons of chemical supplies and about ten (10) kilos of processed cocaine were seized and five people were arrested. The defendants did not plead guilty to the charges.

*(Extinción del Derecho de Dominio in Spanish) which means a loss of ownership of property derived from or used in criminal activity and therefore, the property is seized, confiscated or recovered by the government”.