At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the 22nd Municipal Court of Medellín, with supervisory functions, imposed a prison sentence against 10 alleged members of the criminal structure ‘Los Juaquinillos’ that operate in the so-called ‘Comuna 16’ in Medellín, Antioquia.  

Among the people who must serve this sentence is the alleged leader, Carlos Mario Suárez Herrera, alias ‘Vaca or Vaquero’ and, due to his health condition, Esneider Alexis Gallego Valencia, alias ‘Nene’ must serve home confinement.  

Likewise, a woman and a man who were arrested in flagrante delicto in possession of hallucinogenic substances must serve home confinement and a non-custodial measure, respectively. 

According to the investigation carried out by a Special prosecutor in Medellín, the criminal group ‘Los Juaquinillos’ was involved in extortion, forced displacement, selective homicides and drug trafficking activities in a neighborhood known as Belén Rincón in Medellín. 

One of the criminal complaints filed by one of the victims indicated that in July 2017, in the early hours of the morning, several men who apparently were part of the criminal structure entered the residence of the man whom they allegedly demanded COP 50,000 per week to allow him to work in his food business. The businessman left the place and could not return to the sector. 

According to the investigations carried out by members of Gaula- National Police, ‘Los Juaquinillos’ allegedly extorted informal drivers “chiveros” and businessmen of Belén Rincón, who had to pay COP 15,000 weekly. They would also be asking for money for surveillance services to the inhabitants of the area. In several cases they collected the money while being in the company of minors.  

David Sánchez Gómez, alias ‘Moncky’, is investigated for being allegedly responsible for the armed attack against the police officers, Cristian Garzón Oviedo and Wilmer Palencia Narváez, committed on February 9, 2020 in the sector named La Loma del Ñeñe in Belén Rincón neighborhood. There, the officers asked them to stop while they were driving a motorcycle, but they ignored the officers and shot them causing serious injuries.  

The 13 defendants did not plead guilty to the charges of aggravated criminal conspiracy, aggravated extortion, attempted aggravated extortion, illegal possession of firearms, attempted aggravated murder, procedural fraud, forced displacement, aggravated theft, drug trafficking, illegal use of personal and real estate property and use of minors for the commission of crimes. 

These results are part of the institutional policy of the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, “En la calle y en los territorios” in the fight against crimes that threaten public safety.