The strategy led by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, has allowed the prioritization and clarification of crimes against people in process of reincorporation.  

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado announced that charges were brought against Jhon Fernando Oliveros López, alias Agustín Puente, an alleged member of the Western Front Frente Occidente de las Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia or Clan del Golfo, accused of participating in crimes against people in the process of reincorporation.  

Given the force of the evidence presented by the Special Investigation Unit of the Office of the Attorney General, Municipal Court of mixed jurisdiction* in Ituango (Antioquia) accepted the request made by the Office of the Attorney General and imposed a prison sentence for Oliveros López. He was charged with murder and aggravated criminal conspiracy and manufacturing, trafficking, or possession of firearms. 

According to the investigating body, alias Agustín Puente would be involved in the crime of two civilians and a minor under 14 years of age, the son of a woman in process of reincorporation in Ituango (Antioquia) which took place on June 6, 2020.  

For these same facts, five days ago Hernando Stiven Restrepo López, alias Boro, was accused of being material co-author and charged with the same offenses. A   prison sentence was imposed against him. 

This result, the second one in less than a week, is produced within the framework of the strategy which is led by the Attorney General Francisco Barbosa to clarify and prosecute those people responsible for affecting former Farc members in process of reincorporation and allows a significant progress in dismantling the criminal organization known as Clan del Golfo, Edwin Román Velásquez Valle front. 

With this arrest, the Attorney General’s Office moves forward in its strategy of guaranteeing justice in the post-conflict territories and in finding the truth about the criminal acts against human rights defenders, indigenous communities, and other populations with special protection. To date, 51.79% of the attacks committed against people in process of reincorporation and their relatives have been clarified. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest. 

*Juzgado  promiscuo  in  spanish.