In Pasto (Nariño), the Attorney General announced the results. 

The people investigated would be part of the criminal structure known as ‘Los Cacharros’ which commits crimes in the Department. 

The Office of the Attorney General, within an inter-institutional cooperation with the judicial police-Sijín arrested three people allegedly responsible for the murder of the elected mayor of the municipality of Sutatausa (Cundinamarca), José Humberto Rodríguez which took place on December 3 in that population. 

Based on the strategy of dismantling criminal organizations proposed by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, the Branch Office in Cundinamarca proved  that the defendants, apparently belong to the criminal structure known as Los Cacharros, engaged in practices of hiring hit men in the Department. 

Investigations allowed to identify that the people arrested fulfilled specific roles within the gang, as follows: alias Caucano, motorcycle driver; alias el Boyaco, supposedly responsible for paying the money and collaborating with the logistics; alias el Primo, in charge of logistics; and alias Firme, an alleged hitman of the organization. The latter was arrested in a traffic police checkpoint in Sopó (Cundinamarca) on March 10 for other facts, but he is considered the perpetrator of Rodríguez’s murder. 

A supervisory judge legalized the arrests of the first three defendants that were carried out by the Sijín judicial police on August 26 in Bogotá and municipalities of Ubaté (Cundinamarca) and Chiquinquirá (Boyacá). During the operations, the motorcycle that the hitmen apparently used on that day of the crime, was found.