The Office of the Attorney General and the National Police arrested the alleged leader of the criminal structure ‘Los Ratrojos’, his brother and three of his subordinates. They would be involved in the murder of six people committed in the rural area of Totumito, Tibú (Norte de Santander) and other crimes. 

One of the main points prioritized by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado was to impact the organized crime and prosecute people responsible for the illegal activities committed by these structures which fund themselves of drug trafficking and affect the tranquility of the communities. 

In this sense, different investigative fronts were established. One of them is aimed at attacking criminal organizations that operate in the region of Catatumbo and the border area with Venezuela. Thanks to this prioritization, the Office of the Attorney General, in a joint work with the National Police, gave a hard blow to the criminal structure ‘Los Rastrojos’ with the arrest of the top leader of the armed group. 

This is about Andrés Felipe Berrio Rúa, alias Brayan, who was arrested in proceedings carried out in the rural area ​​Los Patios (Norte de Santander), his brother, known as ‘Piraña’, and three men who would be part of his ring of security. 

In the procedure, 2 rifles, 2 magazines, 50 cartridges, and 4 cell phones were seized.