At the request of the Attorney General’s Office, a supervisory judge in Bogotá issued a prison sentence against two men and a woman accused of being part of the criminal gang known as  ‘La Invasión’ involved in the illegal sale of lands. 

According to the investigations, this criminal organization offered lots, which did not belong to the members, in areas that were not protected by the district administration or recognized for the development of urban activities. 

Against the organization, there are indications of death threats against the people who bought properties in good faith, in addition to denounces  about the coordination of the sale of drugs in some sectors of neighborhood Ciudad Bolívar. 

‘The Invasion’ was discovered after a murder which took place on May 4, in Villa Esperanza sector, in neighborhood Alto de la Cruz, in the south area of Bogotá, was revealed. The evidence shows that a man was murdered due to the fight for the purchase and sale of lands in that part of the city.  

A prosecutor from the so-called Unidad de Vida in Bogotá charged three of the alleged members of the criminal network with criminal conspiracy; trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs; and manufacture, trafficking, or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.