The arguments and evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General were accepted by a supervisory judge in Bogotá who issued a prison sentence for Francisco Antonio Durango Úsuga, alias Ariel or La Frita,  an alleged member of the Armed Organized Residual Group (Grupo Armado Organizado Residual-Gaor) known as ‘Segunda Marquetalia’. 

The investigations show that Durango Úsuga would be one of the main coordinators of the drug trafficking activities of this criminal structure created by alias Iván Márquez and other dissidents. 

Likewise, he is accused of coordinating the residual groups 18 and 36 that commit crimes in the municipalities of Ituango, Briceño, Valdivia, Campamento, Guadalupe, Anorí, Peque, San Andrés de Cuerquia, Yarumal, Toledo and Angostura (Antioquia); and San José de Ure and Puerto Libertador (Córdoba). 

For these facts, a prosecutor from the Special Office against Criminal Organizations charged alias Ariel or La Frita for criminal conspiracy for the purpose of extorting or drug trafficking.