The surveillances, the security videos and other evidence obtained by the Office of the Attorney General revealed the criminal roles and the places frequented by a drug trafficking network called ‘Los Perico’, which operates in a zone named Rafael Uribe Uribe, in the southern area of Bogotá.  

The material that proves the illegal transactions and consumption of drugs in schools, parks, main roads, and other public places was presented by a prosecutor appointed to  the Unit named Unidad de Responsabilidad Penal para Adolescentes in a hearing carried out against 11 alleged members of ‘Los Perico’. 

The Office of the Attorney General charged them with criminal conspiracy with the purpose of drug trafficking with multiple concurrent crimes and aggravated trafficking, manufacture, or possession of narcotic drugs. The defendants did not plead guilty to the charges and must serve a prison sentence. 

Those affected by the decision are: Elver Cesar Zabala Rodríguez, alias Perico; Carlos Arturo Angarita Angarita, alias Angarita; José Raúl Castro Forigua, alias Azabache; Juan Jaith Quiñonez Liner, alias La Firma; Herlinda Josefina Iglesias Duque, alias María; Jennifer Julieth Quiñonez Gutiérrez, alias Jenni; Eladio Ortiz Pérez, alias Junior; José Antonio Ortega Cobo, alias Pájaro o Toño; Álvaro Javier Josa Montañez, alias Cindy; Yasbleidy Nieves Torres, alias Cejas; y Juan Pablo Varón Tique, alias Juan. 

These people were arrested on June 19 this year in a proceeding carried out by Sijin members – National Police in Bogotá. At the time, they were released and for this reason, the Office of the Attorney General summoned them to appear before a court in order to carry out a hearing*, which ended today, before a supervisory judge in Bogotá. 

*  Many  hearings  held  in only one  hearing (in  spanish  audiencias  concentradas)