The Office of the Attorney General requested the preclusion of investigation in the case of the doctor who, on the night of January 30 of this year, shot  at three men who attacked him and tried to rob him in the north area of Bogotá. 

The 56th Circuit Court of the city approved the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and supported the position that indicates that the accused reacted to protect his life, personal integrity, and his economic heritage. 

In the investigations, it was established that three people followed the doctor, approached him that night in an empty pedestrian bridge located at calle 119, Carrera Séptima and wounded him with a sharp weapon in order to take his belongings.

The verifications showed that the weapon used by the doctor had the corresponding gun license. Likewise, it was taken into account that the professional, one day after the events took place, that is January 31, 2020, he turned himself in to the authorities of the Office of the Attorney General, he handed over his firearm and two magazines and was heard in a free version proceeding. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.