In a joint work to benefit citizens, the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police, activated in the virtual platform ¡ADenunciar! a new option for victims of gender-based violence to report their cases in a prompt and timely manner through cell phone or a computer. 

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, has prioritized the strengthening of the National Virtual Complaint System ¡ADenunciar! to guarantee a prompt and effective access to justice services. 

Once a citizen has completed a form related to the option ‘violencia basada en género’ (gender-based violence), the information registered will be reviewed by personnel of the Office of the Attorney General who will carry out the actions according to each case. The result of this verification will be informed to the citizen through email. 

In a first period of verification of the option of violencia basada en género’, between June 19 and November 30 of the current year, 4,760 criminal reports were opened in ADenunciar. The highest number of reports was opened in the city of Bogotá (1,062) and in the departments of Antioquia (621), Valle del Cauca (611), Cundinamarca (491), Atlántico (279), Bolívar (192) and Santander (173). In 30 departments and 391 cities, citizens have used the option violencia basada en género’ to inform the authorities about their cases. 

You can access ¡ADenunciar! through the web pages  and 

Gender- based violence 

It is a type of violence against a person, due to the gender, identity or expression. This violence can be perpetrated by people of the opposite sex or with a diverse gender identity. Gender-based violence may occur in different crimes, such as domestic violence, sexual assault or sexual acts, attempted murder or femicide, torture, personal injury, illegal restraint, injury and damage to someone else’s property, among others. 


Types of violence 

  • Physical: it is an action that generates risk or decreases physical integrity. This can be caused using force with the intention of causing injury, or through the use of weapons. 
  • Patrimonial or economic: it is a form of violence in which the person uses her/his economic power to control couple´s decisions and life project. 
  • Psychological: the verbal abuse is a form of psychological violence, since, if it occurs in a repetitive and deliberate act, it can lead to the negation of the victim’s personality, to a psychological suffering and devaluation.  
  • Sexual: it consists on any act that through the use of physical, mental or moral violence, is exerted on a person to impose a sexual conduct against his/her will, to cause  an act of a sexual nature in defenseless conditions, to put at risk the normal development of sexuality and violate the conditions of defenselessness, to violate the normal development of sexuality and violate the healthy sexual conditions and the physical or mental well-being.

The Office of the Attorney General and the National Police encourage the victims of gender-based violence to report any case in ADenunciar or contacting the Office of the Attorney General´s Contact Center via cell phone 122, line 018000919748 or sending an email to 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.