The Office of the Attorney General through its CTI judicial police and with the support of units of the National Army and the National Police, located and dismantled five points of storage and sale of hydrocarbons that were allegedly stolen or diverted in Aguazul (Casanare ).

As a result of inspections, 641 gallons of crude oil and other fuels, 6 electro pumps, hoses, a significant number of plastic containers and other elements used for the illegal obtaining of hydrocarbons were found.

The investigations coordinated by a prosecutor of the Special Office against the Criminal Organizations show that the dismantled deposits allegedly belong to organized Crime groups (Grupos Delincuenciales Organizados (GAO)) that are involved in the extraction of  crude, motor fuel oil (ACPM) and fuel oil from the plants and distribution networks of the state company Ecopetrol, and form a Colombian oil and gas company.

The hydrocarbons found in the five judicial proceedings have a commercial value close to $100 million. Initially, it was established that each of the storage facilities reached daily sales of up to $5 million.

Verifications keep going to identify and arrest the people responsible for this illegal activity.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.