The Office of the Attorney General has been respectful and strict in complying with the procedural times established by law concerning the investigation that is being carried out against five alleged members of the militia group known as Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP). In this sense, it appealed the decisions of the supervisory judges 68 and 75 in Bogotá who granted release to the defendants since statue of limitations expired.

The appeal filed by the Office of the Attorney General seeks that Lizeth Johanna Rodríguez Zárate, Alejandra Méndez Molano, Andrés Mauricio Bohórquez Flórez, Boris Ernesto Rojas Quijano and Juan Camilo Pulido Ribero be deprived of freedom while a trial against them begins for rebellion offenses.

These five people are also being investigated for their alleged participation in 10 terrorist actions that occurred in Bogotá and Pereira (2015 – 2017), including the detonation of an explosive device in the Andino shopping center.

The release decision was also appealed by the representative of the Public Ministry.

The  Office  of  the  Attorney  General  makes  this  information  public  for  reasons of general interest.