Once his arrest is carried out, he will serve a detention measure with home imprisonment. The sentence was issued in a virtual hearing that took place on June 3.

The Office of the Attorney General in Ibagué (Tolima) sentenced Gonzalo García Angarita in absentia. He was congressman of the Department from 2006 to 2010 for criminal conspiracy and corruption of voters which were committed last year in the municipality of Valle de San Juan (Tolima).

 The facts for which the defendant was sentenced to home detention, are related to electoral fraud and the purchase of votes that led to the arrest and sentence of his son Daniel Ricardo García Castillo, who was elected as mayor of the aforementioned municipality from 2020 to 2023, and the former mayor of the same region, Juan Héctor Orlando Padilla Barragán, last week.

It is assumed that the former congressman participated in the irregularities committed by his son and Padilla Barragán, since it is worth noting that the investigators determined that the above mentioned people agreed to obtain votes at any cost in favor of García Castillo.

For this purpose they gave all kinds of construction materials, water tanks, cash, in addition to promising the inhabitants of vulnerable areas a better quality of life.