In a hearing aimed at verifying the preliminary agreement and the punishment and sentence, a judge of the special circuit of Guadalajara de Buga (Valle del Cauca) approved the agreement carried out with the Office of the Attorney General and sentenced 5 members of the criminal structure named “La Local” which commits crimes in Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca).

The Office of the Attorney General requested a guilty verdict for Fabio Segura Garcés, alias Don Big; Carlos Arturo Segura Cuero, alias Chagua; Miller Favián Mosquera Riascos, alias Miller; César Iván Torres Castro, alias Pepa, and Lis Daniel Pérez Cuerro, alias Baway. The defendants pleaded guilty to the charges brought by the Office of the Attorney General. Charges included aggravated criminal conspiracy, aggravated extortion and aggravated robbery.

Thanks to investigations carried out by the Judicial Police, the Office of the Attorney General was able to establish the responsibility of those sentenced due to criminal actions committed in different neighborhoods of Buenaventura. They would be responsible for extortions and thefts, among others, against citizens of that port of the Colombian Pacific, especially between 2017 and 2018.