The judge granted the benefit of temporary suspension of the sentence but the Office of the Attorney General appealed the decision since it considered that the doctor deceived his patients with a false medical report of cancer and received a high economic benefit with physical consequences to those affected.

After the 42nd Criminal Judge hearing the case in Bogotá sentenced doctor Michael Mauricio Cote Revelo to 48 months in prison and disbarred him from the practice his profession for the same period of time for aggravated personal injuries, the Office of the Attorney General appealed the ruling due to the fact that the defendant was given a temporary suspended sentence for two years and was ordered to pay a fine of five legal minimum wages.

The Office of the Attorney General considers that the sentence must be served in a prison.

The decision is derived from facts that took place in year 2011 when the defendant Cote Revelo worked as a specialist in a health care promoting entity (Entidad Promotora de Salud – EPS) in Bogotá and taking advantage of this position he used tests requested from two adult patients to make a false diagnosis of kidney cancer.