The Superior Court of Bogotá accepted appeal filed by the Office of the Attorney General and sentenced Camilo Andrés Páramo Zarta, former administrative and financial assistant manager of the dissolved Fondo de Vigilancia y Seguridad del Distrito.

The decision was based on events that took place between August and September 2012. It was found that the then official used his higher position to harass, and physically and verbally harass for sexual purposes, a contractor from the Legal Office of the mentioned institution.

The evidence collected showed that Páramo Zarta proposed a female worker a job and an increase in wages in order for the woman to agree to what he asked. The woman rejected the insinuations and denounced the then administrative assistant manager.

On May 24, 2017, the Office of the Attorney General charged the former official with sexual harassment. The defendant did not plead guilty to the charges. Later, between August and November 2019, the trial was held and a judgment of acquittal was entered by the 25th Criminal Court of the Circuit of Bogotá in firs instance.