In a virtual hearing that took place before a supervisory judge*, the Office of the Attorney General brought before the court the citizen Rumaldo Vásquez Gómez, an employee of  a contracted firm working for Ecopetrol who would be part of a criminal organization  accused of illegally extracting crude oil from oil pipeline Caño Limón- Coveñas.

The evidence collected in the investigation revealed that the defendant  apparently participated in the criminal actions committed by the criminal group ‘Los de la Cuatro’ and provided privileged information about sections in the oil transfer lines in which they could install illicit valves. 

The crude obtained was allegedly diverted to clandestine oil pipelines located in the region of Catatumbo where they processed it manually to sell it as a precursor for processing cocaine hydrochloride.

*In this case, this court also has an additional function which is called in Spanish ‘ambulante’ which means a judge/court who travels or moves throughout places/cities when needed.