At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, a supervisory judge issued a detention measure against brothers Yedinson and Reinel Contreras Cañizales, alias Canasto and alias Cero Uno, respectively, who allegedly belong to the criminal gang Los Pelusos.

According to the investigation, the defendants who were arrested for the offenses of manufacturing, trafficking and possessing accessories or ammunition were detained on May 2 in the municipality of Abrego (Norte de Santander) in a joint operation carried out by the Office of the Attorney General, the Army, and the National Police.

According to information, alias Cero Uno is part of the criminal organization since 15 years ago and he was the person in charge of collecting money from extortions, as well as selling coca paste in the municipality of Ocaña (Norte de Santander). He is also accused of committing some murders and attacks against law enforcement officers.