In a coordinated action carried out by the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police, 18 people were arrested based on complaints that  were lodged by nearly 40 minors, victims of crimes, such as human trafficking, violent rape, and sexual exploitation.

Seven days after the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado took office, he  visited the Sectional Office in Guainía and from its main city, he promised to promote investigations into sexual crimes against children and teenagers, and to implement legal actions to fight behaviors that violate the rights of indigenous communities of the Department.

A month after the announcement and thanks to a joint investigation, the largest operation in defense of children and teenagers of that region of the country was carried out.

With the participation of 11 Delegate prosecutors and thanks to the investigative work of the Directorate of Protection (Dirección de Protección y Servicios Especiales (Dipro) of the National Police, 18 people were arrested. Among these people, there were public servants, teachers, and businessmen who are accused of taking advantage of their economic position and recognition among the population to sexually exploit girls and teenagers.

In total, 15 simultaneous home searches were carried out. Investigators seized computers, digital storage devices, USB memories, cell phones, a motorcycle, and a handmade firearm. Additionally, 21 properties were identified and it is planned to carry out asset seizure processes on these properties*.

 *Assets Seizure: Extinción de Dominio means “Loss of ownership of property derived from or used in criminal activity which will be seized by the government”.