The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, in a joint statement with the Comptroller General, Carlos Felipe Córdoba Larrarte; pointed out that with regard to the current public health reality generated by the coronavirus, it is time to act in a quick and conclusive way to refrain the effects that this health emergency is generating throughout the national territory. 

For this reason, the Office of the Attorney General will penalize acts which constitute an offense due to the non-compliance with the mechanisms of prevention and regulations provided by health authorities.

In this sense, “the first message is sent to the national government, we hope that it will execute the public health policy in Colombia in a prompt and effective way. Governors, mayors, and their Secretaries of Health, you are responsible for the health in your territories as provided by a legal and constitutional order. You are the paymasters and execute the health budget; therefore, you must adopt the necessary sanitary measures in accordance with the law. If a person fails to do so, he or she shall be punished for the commission of breach of duty (negligence) art. 414 of the Penal Code) and breach of Duty of Care (art.131of the Penal Code.)”, emphasized the Attorney General.