As part of the agreement between the Office of the Attorney General and the United States Marshal Service- U.S Department of Justice to cooperate and track international fugitives, the members on the technical investigative corps (Cuerpo Técnico de investigación CTI) located Michael Wolfgang Nichol who was convicted in the United States and wanted  by the authorities of that country for sexual abuse of minors. 

This person was found in a restaurant in a neighborhood named Laureles in Medellín (Antioquia) and was placed under the authority of migration (Migración Colombia) for a deportation process.

According to reports from United States authorities, Michael Wolfgang Nichol offered drugs to a 10-year-old minor, sexually abused the minor and tied his feet and arms and put him in a car’s trunk. The attack occurred in the state of Georgia in 2018 and for this fact, there is a conviction and an arrest warrant.