Francisco Barbosa Delgado encouraged the Comptroller General and the Inspector General to promote a temporary ineligibility in order to avoid presidential aspirations while they are exercising their duties.

After taking office as Attorney General and pointing out that he will be the “prosecutor of all Colombian citizens and of our territories,” Francisco Barbosa Delgado stated that he will fulfill his role full time, without double agendas and with a patriotic commitment, therefore, he encouraged other representatives of the control entities.

“I encourage the Comptroller General, Carlos Felipe Córdoba, and the Inspector General, Fernando Carrillo, to embrace the proposal, as the Attorney General does, of promoting the temporary ineligibility for our positions to avoid the intention of starting early presidential campaigns within the framework of our duties”.

The Attorney General insisted that his main challenge, besides directing 25,000 public servants of the institution, will be to place the institution in a privileged a position that represents justice and hope for Colombian citizens. In this respect, the prosecutor Barbosa highlighted nine points that will be the focal points of his management.

  1. Presence in territories. Currently, the institution has main offices in 550 municipalities and it is expected to be in other 200 municipalities, especially in regions where the reintegration of demobilized people during the Peace Agreement is taking place.

“By providing access to justice in territories, we will not only pursue criminal economies, but also we will protect the country’s environment. Departments such as Guainía, Cauca, Vichada, Vaupés, Putumayo, Chocó and Amazonas, among others, cannot be without direction” said Attorney General.

  1. Fight against corruption. The Office of the Attorney General will focus its efforts on investigating criminal facts that involve or put health resources, environment, education and public procurement at risk.
  2. Girls, boys and teenagers’ rights. Prosecutor Barbosa will strengthen those units that investigate actions which affect fundamental rights of childhood and adolescence, especially recruitment committed by illegal armed groups and the implementation of crime.
  3. Crimes committed against social leaders. The Special Unit of Investigation will work with the support of the Delegate Office for Citizens Security and the Delegate Office against Organized Crime to increase rates of elucidation of crimes and threats committed against human rights defenders, former combatants and their families.

“As Attorney General, the fight for the defense of human rights is a point of honor,” stated Francisco Barbosa Delgado.

  1. Strengthening investigations. Another of the Attorney General´s goals will be to ensure a prompt and an effective justice by strengthening the investigation groups and the Immediate Reaction Units (Unidades de Reacción Inmediata URI).
  2. Prioritization of cases.  It is necessary to develop a litigious strategy in which the custodial sentences and presentation of evidence will not be the only solutions to have successful processes.
  3. Fight against drug trafficking and criminal organizations.
  4. Rights of women and minorities. To advance in the clarification of crimes against women and special protection groups will be a relevant aspect. In this regard, the Attorney General stated:

“I will not tolerate feminicides, nor a discriminatory treatment against our ancestral indigenous people.”

  1. Relations between institutions. Mr. Barbosa stated that he will have maximum collaboration and harmonious relations with other entities and jurisdictions such as the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) within the framework of the competence.

These aspects will be supported by a bill that will presented by the Office of the Attorney General in the Congress in the first half of 2020. The purpose of this initiative is to restructure the institution and create more investigative and financial technical capabilities that will allow a wider coverage and availability in territories.