The Office of the Attorney General made decisive decisions against two lawyers and an indigenous governor who allegedly favored two drug traffickers in order to avoid their extradition to the United States.

Submission of certified copies

The Office of the Attorney General submitted certified copies to the Superior Council of the Judiciary (Consejo Superior de la Judicatura) in order for the Council to investigate lawyers Gustavo Enrique Gallardo Morales and José Alejandro León Aristizábal, representatives of foundation ‘Lazos de Dignidad’.

These two people allegedly made it possible for Segundo Alberto Villota Segura,  alleged liaison in Colombia with Mexican cartels ‘Los Zetas’ and ‘Sinaloa’, to be recognized as member of the so-called Eastern Front (Frente Oriental) of the demobilized Farc. This way, they managed the authorities to open an investigation for rebellion against their defendant and at the same time, that the indigenous jurisdiction conduct a trial.