The Fourth Criminal Court of Villavicencio (Meta) (judge hearing the case) sentenced Daniel Rendón Herrera, aka in Don Mario, former financial leader of Self-Defense Forces of Colombia bloc (Bloque Centauro) for murder of a protected person and causing injuries to a protected person. He was sentenced to 21 years and 6 months in prison.

The facts took place in Villa Julia neighborhood (city of Villavicencio) on May 12, 2002, when two hitmen bursted into a commercial establishment and murdered Óscar Barbosa Lozada and Sandro Martínez Escobar (34 and 32 years old respectively). Miriam Barbosa Lozada, Alcira Barbosa Lozada, Belisario Barbosa Lozasa, Joselín López Cárdena and a minor were also injured.

Alias Don Mario, ringleader of Self-Defense Forces of Colombia bloc (Bloque Centauro) as well as the hitmen belonging to the same organization, Benjamín Parra Serrato, aka Cony and Manuel de Jesús Pirabán admitted their liability for crime.